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Project 1 - Dont Go Near the Water - Jason Guo

One can use this application to get information about the cholera deaths and attacks in a data table, and a line plot. You can see the Cholera fatality numbers of men and women of different ages using a bar chart and table. It also shows the census population of men and women in the area at the time in bar and pie charts. Finally one can see the map of london and see a leaflet map of where the deaths occured. I got this information from the 1854 London cholera outbreak based on data created and compiled by Robin Wilson (robin@rtwilson.com, www.rtwilson.com/academic) - Jan 2011. The data I used contained the data of cholera deaths, naple's cholera age sex data, UK census of 1851, cholera death locations and cholera pump locations.

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